On the bench today… Sony ES Hifi service.

In for a general service is a stack of Sony ES hi-fi separates. Very high-end quality equipment this.

Sony CDP-X55ES. Only the best of the best gets the ES logo.

Sony MDS-JA20ES. Well laid out structured/isolated sections. On a heavy chassis.

Sony TC-K950ES. Mu metal and copper clad sections in the Sony tape deck.

Marlin Casio W-400

Finally, after damaging my original Marlin Casio W-400 watch whilst diving in a swimming pool, back in the 80s, I have now rebuilt this replacement out of brand-new old stock parts.

I don’t feel so guilty now somehow. If you want beautiful vintage rebuilt items, Try my little shop. Plug plug 27 New Street, Barbican, Plymouth.

Something a little different…

A Belgian telephone. A customer came in and asked if I could rewire a telephone. I replied ‘yes, that’s fine’ then she pulled a somewhat bedraggled heavy Belgian telephone out of her bag.

It’s not something you see too often in the UK so I was not expecting that, however, she left it with me and I got to work.

Above – And here is the result of some careful polishing and rewiring/standardising for the UK phone network. It is all metal, apart from the handset, which is bakelite, so is a hefty little monster and it has a fold up brass handle to carry it around, very nice. All in all, quite a pretty little gadget.

On the bench today… Sharp GF-9292 Stereo Radio Cassette

This one was in a bit of a state. Apart from being dirty, it just was worn out. Things needed to be engineered to get it back on it’s feet.

First thing to do was strip it down to it’s component parts and give it a good scrub.

Next step was to repair the cassette deck, this needed new belts, new head, new pinch roller and an idler.

The idler was the only par that I could not get, so I machined up one on the lathe.

Above – worn head.

Above, the cassette deck, a work in progress at this point.

Above – And here it is looking resplendent in the window of the shop, ready to go off to someone who will appreciate it as much as I do. 😀

On the bench today… A HP 412A Vacuum Tube Volt Meter

So, this wasn’t exactly what I ordered, it should be a signal generator. However, since it’s going to cost too much to post back to America, I’ve been allowed to keep it.

So let’s see if I can turn this poor old thing back into a piece of test equipment again.

New splash of paint, and a full refurbishment later and this little beastie is now looking good again.

After a read of the manual and a thorough calibration, all is well again. 🙂