On the bench today is… A Selina Vega 215

Today’s ‘On the bench today’ is a finishing up of the repairs to this Selena Vega 215.

The main board has been re-capped, and is now fully working, all that needs to be done now is the power supply and amplifier board, to be re-capped as well.

Here is a picture of the old capacitors that need to be changed.

The old capacitors have long since dried up and will be replaced with a more modern type pictured above.

Also there is the problem of the non-standard mains socket, which could not be re-sold in its current state. It will need to be replaced with a UK standard socket.

Careful grafting of the new socket in place.

Nice and neat.

Pat testing done, All okey.

All sorted and ready for it’s new owner. 🙂