Lucas remote key fob 3TXD / 17TN for Rover MPI Mini and other 5AS Alarm ECU cars

I purchased a large sum of these ‘new old stock’ key fob circuit boards, (along with complete key fobs, which have now sold), with a eye to programming enough for the two classic Rover Minis’ 5AS Alarm ECU’s that I have. I have now obtained aftermarket cases for the circuit boards, and can offer them, as a complete package to you.

As you can see from the photographs, they are Lucas 3TXD (17TN) Circuit boards which are backwards compatible with Lucas 3TXB and Lucas 3TXA. They come supplied with 3TXB cases, however this makes no difference to the usability of the item.

Also, these are the best key fobs to go for, as they don’t have the problem with the earlier crystals breaking free and causing the key fob to stop working.

According to the Rover database these key fobs also works with-

Rover Mini with 5AS immobiliser

Rover 100 1994 – onward

Rover 200 1994 – 2000

Rover 25 2000 – 2003

Rover 400 1994 – 2000

Rover 45 2000 – 2003

MGF 1996 – 2000

MG TF 2000 – 2002

MG ZR 2000 – 2002

MG ZS 2000 – 2002

They will tested prior to being sent out as you can see below.

I also have Lucas 3TXB and Lucas 3TXA fobs available on request.